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Pizzajump to cart ⇑


add to basket € 11,90
tomato, basil base, mozzarella


add to basket € 11,90
bocconcini, semi dried tomato, mushroom, chilli

Cheese Lovers

add to basket € 14,88
feta, gorgonzola, mozzarella, shaved parmesan

Mediterranean Chicken

add to basket € 14,88
chicken, avocado, sun dried tomato

Frutti di Mare

add to basket € 17,85
prawns scallops, calamari, fish, anchovies

Pastajump to cart ⇑

The Indian Pasta

add to basket € 17,85
tomato sauce, mushrooms, curried chicken, peppers, mozzarella

The Atlantic Pasta

add to basket € 17,85
tuna, fresh cream, mozzarella, basil, citron

Fruits de mer Pasta

add to basket € 13,69
tomato, mushrooms, mussels, prawns, shellfish, crab, í

Saladjump to cart ⇑

Green salad

add to basket € 9,52
lettuce, tomato, onions, cucumber, egg, olives & green peppers

Diet Delight Salad

add to basket € 10,71
turkey, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, egg, cucumber, olives & onions

Caesar Salad

add to basket € 13,09
Crisp romaine lettuce croutons and special caesar dressing

Drinksjump to cart ⇑

Coca Cola Light 0.33l

add to basket € 3,57
without sugar

Coca Cola 0.33l

add to basket € 3,57
the big classic

Green tea 0.5l

add to basket € 5,95
based on our special receipt
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